No.1 YouTube Time Filter Plugin – Easy Step by Step Guide

Youtube Time Filter Plugin for Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is the No.1 web browser today. It has over 3.2 billion users around the world. One of the best features and underutilized features of google chrome is its extension. Chrome extension has several thousands of chrome extensions which you can install in your google chrome web browser. In this tutorial, I am going to show you one such really useful plugin which is the youtube time filter plugin.

If you are using the internet, you must be browsing youtube for several reasons such as entertainment, learning, how-to guide, and so on. When you visit youtube and enter a search term (keyword) to search any video, below is the default filter options available for you to filter the search results

Screen 01 Default Youtube Filter Options
Default Youtube Filter Options

Youtube Default Filter Options

Once you click the Filters Icon (No. 1), youtube provides the following options to filter by

  • Upload Time: Based on the time the video is uploaded
  • Type: The type of video such as video, channel, playlist or film
  • Duration: Based on the duration such as under 4 minutes, 4 – 20 minutes and videos above 20 minutes
  • Features: This is based on the featured or quality of videos
  • Sort By: Using this option, you will filter by Relevance, Date, Counts, Rating

However, in this default youtube filter, if you see the Duration Category (No. 2) it has only 3 options. You can’t filter research results based on time other than the above options.

Let’s assume you want to filter the results where you need complete video tutorials for learning Artificial Intelligence. So, you want only the videos which have a length minimum of 5 hours.

With the default filter options available on youtube, you can only select the option Over 20 minutes and it will return the results with videos that are just over 20 minutes.

How to solve this problem?

It is where the youtube time filter chrome extension comes into play

Before we move on to see how to install it and use it, please make sure you

Prerequisites to use youtube time filter

  • Your should be using the google chrome web browser
  • You can download chrome extension from chrome’s web store. It is not available in mobile devices. So, this work on any desktop version of the chrome browser
  • Chrome extensitons won’t work on incognito mode.

Let’s get started now.

How to Install Youtube Time Filter on your Google Chrome Web Browser?

Step 01

Make sure to browse this article using Google Chrome Web Browser. Then click this link to go to chrome’s web store to go to the exact location of the youtube filter extension. Once you go to the above link, you will see the below screen.

Screen 02 Youtube Time Filter Plugin
Installing Youtube Time Filter Plugin

Step 02

As shown in the above image, Click the Add to Chrome button. Once you click it, you will be prompted with the pop up asking you whether you allow chrome to add it. Click Add Extension. Once you do this, now you can see the extension added to your chrome toolbar as shown below

Screen 03 Installed Extension
Youtube Time Filter Plugin

That’s it. It is that simple.

Now let’s see how to use this extension for filtering youtube videos

How to Use Youtube Time Filter Plugin

Using the time filter plugin is as simple as how we installed it.

How to Use Youtube Time Filter Plugin
How to Use Youtube Time Filter Plugin
  • No. 1 – Click on the Youtube Time Filter Icon as shown in the above image. It will open up the filter options
  • No. 2 – Make sure to active the extension. When you don’t want this extension not to work in your youtube searchers, you can simply deactivate it by clicking here making it inactive.
  • No. 3 – This is the time filter that you can set your preferred time range.For instance, if you just want videos over 3 hours, you can simply set the From option’s Hour to 3. To option to as highest as possible in order to make sure the filter doesn’t exluce any video that are higher than the the range.
  • No. 4. Once you set the time, you can simply click Filter Now

That’s it.

After setting this,

If you go to youtube and search for any keywords, this filter will work instantly and as you scroll to the search results you will see it filters the results according to the setting you did in the youtube time filter.

How did we utilize this time filter plugin

We want to provide our readers with complete youtube video tutorials related to any sub-topic in information technology. So, we wanted to collect video tutorials that are lengthy, complete, and comprehensive to cover a subject area so that those who want to learn it completely rather than switching to different videos.

So, using this filter, we compiled the below list as articles

Therefore, this chrome extension is extremely useful for teachers and learners to filter youtube videos based on their preferred time.

Let us know how do you use this plugin?

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