WordPress already installed but asking install again

Troubleshooting WordPress already installed but asking install again issue prompted by wordpress

WordPress is the go to option when it comes to website. Particularly for a large generic purpose website such as content management system and blogs. According to Kinsta, WordPress holds the 62% of market share when it comes to content management system on websites also referred as CMS.

There are so many reasons why wordpress being used by many people regardless of their technical capacity such that its user friendliness, the extensive collection of templates both free and commercial ones. In a addition to that, its’ extensive repository of free plugins to the extent that whatever your requirement can be but there is a plugin for that.

Despite its richness in usefulness and negligible drawbacks compared to its benefits, at times you may encounter few strange issues associated with wordpress which can be an issue of wordpress itself or an external component such as server, php versions and incompatibility of different versions might put you in a jeopardized situation particularly if you are not from web design and development background.

In this tutorial, we discuss about one such strange issue that you might be redirected to install wordpess again though wordpress has been already installed.

Wordpress already installed but asking install again - Screen Shot 01
WordPress already installed but asking install again

Let’s see couple of things you can do to sort out the issue of redirecting to install again while wordpress is already installed

Make sure wp-config.php file is available

During the installation of wordpress it creates wp-config.php file which is the mandatory file that contains all the credentials and details to communicate with the associated database for the wordpress installation. In case of unavailability of the wp-config.php file you will be prompted to install wordpress while already you have a wordpress installation. Because wordpress looks for this wp-config.php file to determine that there is a valid wordpress installation. The file may be corrupted, renamed, moved or deleted. So, make sure the file is there in the root folder of your wordpress installation.

Permission issue

Again, if the wp-config.php file is not readable due to permission issue you will be thrown the error of repeated request to install wordpress. Make sure the file permission of your wp-config.php file is set to 644

Inability to find the Database

WordPress redirects to install.php when it is unable to locate the associated database. This issue is reported to be found in hosting like ipage where the mysql query string is limited to certain numbers per hour. Once the maximum utilization is reached, the site itself along with other sites hosted on your particular hosting does redirect to install.php

If it’s the reason that causes the issue you have few options.You have to increase the MySQL query limit so that your site can handle more queries per hour.

  • Optimize your queries if you know what it means
  • Just wait couple of hours and see whether the issue has been resolved. This is one of the solutions that have worked effectively if the issue is not related to wordpress itself but with the server or some other third party components causing it.

Hope either of this would definitely resolve the issue of WordPress prompting to install while it’s already installed. Please feel free to comment should you require further assistance in this or any of the above fix worked.

Note: As a precaution, always remember to back up, back up and back up. It’s useful to have a regular back up with files and database. Good luck and feel free to share your success stories with others.


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