Why Angular JS is Popular?

Why Angular JS is Popular and What You Should Know About It

If you’re looking to learn about web development, JavaScript, and different programming languages, then Angular Js is definitely a language you’ll want to take a look at. Angular is different from other similar languages in that it focuses on many different elements of the “angular style” of web development. This includes things such as typography, structure, and even coding structure! One of the main developers of Angular, an Amsterdam based company called Codepsych has recently released an open source framework that deals with creating Angular web applications.

angular js

Angular JS is a JavaScript-oriented open-source web framework for creating single-page, Ajax-driven applications. It’s maintained primarily by Google and a strong community of people and companies contributing to the framework. One of the most important aspects of AngularJs is the use of directives, which are short snippets of code that are exposed to the browser. These directives allow the developer to express a wide variety of ideas and concepts when building an application.

One example of a popular AngularJs directive would be the animate directive, which allows the developer to easily create animations using a series of different functions. Another popular AngularJs feature is the model view controller, or MVC, which allows the developer to model a user’s inputs and changes the presentation of the page based upon these inputs. The two-way data binding feature of Angular can be very useful, especially when used in an MVC-like framework such as Angular 2.0. This two-way binding feature is especially helpful when working with large amounts of data, because it lets you automatically update the database when a change occurs.

Features of Angular JS

  • Supports Development across all platforms
  • It is incredibly speed and provides amazing performance
  • Availability and adoption by widespread developers and companies


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