Profit Calculation Using Python
Profit Calculation Using Python

Profit Calculation Using Python

In this tutorial, we try to demonstrate how to write a simple program in python to calculate profit for the following scenario

A shop owner buys a product at a price and sells it for a price in number of quantities. Write a console application in python to output the following

  • Unit Profit (Profit by selling one unit of product)
  • Total Sales Amount
  • Total Cost of Product
  • Total profit by Sales
  • There is a discount if the quantity sold over 10. State whether the sale is eligible for discount or not.

Source code of Profit Calculation Using Python

#Getting Input from User

print("Enter the Buying Price")
buyingPrice = float(input())

print("Enter the Selling Price")
sellingPrice = float(input())

print("Enter the No. of Quantities Sold")
quantity = float(input())

# Unit Profit
unitProfit = sellingPrice - buyingPrice
print("Unit Profit is Rs.", unitProfit)

# Total Sales
totalSale = sellingPrice * quantity
print("Total Sales is Rs.", totalSale)

# Total Cost
totalCost = buyingPrice * quantity
print("Total Cost is Rs.", totalCost)

# Total Profit
profit = totalSale - totalCost
print("Total Profit is Rs.", profit)

# Check Eligibility
if quantity >= 10:
	print("Eligible for Discount")
	print("Not Eligible for Discount")

You can use online python interpreter if you haven’t configured python on your computer.

The above code will produce the output as follows

Python Profit Calculation Output
Python Profit Calculation Output

You can download the source code here

To execute the above code, Open CMD and make sure you are in the directory where your file is. Then run the below code



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