An Introduction to Software As a Service

Cloud computing is rapidly growing as the most suitable option for small, medium and big companies across all industries. There are several advantages to using software as a service in cloud computing for businesses. It provides maximum scalability to the business in terms of its infrastructure. There is no need to install software as service providers servers because it works on the cloud.

Large companies can leverage on the cloud computing power and have access to the tools they need to operate effectively. The flexibility provided by cloud computing is another major advantage for businesses. It provides an easy way to manage the infrastructure. The costs of running this kind of service depends on the use of the software.

Common examples of service model include; Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service. You can get hosted services on IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. The advantages here include the lowest price for the software you purchase, which can be less than the cost of purchasing software and hardware. This kind of platform enables you to grow your business without spending much money from your pocket.

Infrastructure as a Service

This is the platform provided by many organizations to run their businesses online. This is an open source web-based platform that allows software developers and system administrators to create, deploy and manage applications on the cloud. It also offers application development and maintenance at the lowest prices. Companies who already have an IaaS account will be able to continue using it after the current platform stops functioning.

Platform as a Service

This is another cloud service platform offered by various companies. PaaS provides software development and management at a very low cost. Although this platform runs all types of software, its primary target market is mobile devices.

Infrastructure as a Service. Infrastructure as a service (Iaaas) is a type of software as a service that delivers infrastructure such as email, data and application development. It delivers these services through the Internet. Unlike some other platforms, it delivers these services through the Internet, which reduces the costs associated with installing the necessary infrastructure.


Companies who are providing software as a service will offer virtualization as a service. With this feature, your company will be able to create multiple versions of the same app, or series of apps, on the server. For instance, if your app has 100 unique apps and servers, you will be able to have multiple copies on your servers.

These are the most popular cloud computing service choices for both small and large companies today. Depending on your company’s specific needs, you will be able to find the right provider to meet them. The services provided by the software as a service provider is a cost-effective alternative to expensive software installation and the maintenance of costly data centers. If you want to save money without sacrificing quality or reliability, consider using an IaaS provider.

Software as a Service.

If you need to create and run your own app, but don’t have your hands on a server or a platform, you can use SaaS to run and manage your app in the cloud. This type of platform is based on web-based interfaces that allow your end users to access your app directly from your website. Your app will run on a server hosted by the SaaS provider and it will need minimal infrastructure to function.

Service Model in Software as a Service

Software as a Service Model
Introduction to Software As a Service 2

Software as a Service Applications

  • JIRA – Project management software
  • Dropbox – File storing/sharing software
  • Adobe
  • Office366
  • Business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource Planning (ERP)

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