How to Make Money Online

How to make Money Online – How I made $50000?

How to make money online is a million-dollar question that everyone asks and tries at some point on the internet. However, most of the money-making guides are fictional or misleading the readers where the writers try to market their products or services with the motive of others to make money. Hence, it may seem doubtful and impossible until you make real money online and get it in your hand.

Here I am going to share my story where I earned more than $50000 in since I started working on it.

It is interesting to recall that I had been trying to make some money online during the period I was at my university. is such an accidental site that got my attention.

Read 5 Tips on How to Make Money in based in Australia is a website where it connects freelancers like you and me and the people who are looking to pay and get their jobs done. It has around 600 different categories of jobs ranging from latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, programming, language, engineering and etc.

It is useful to understand how model works in order for you to give it a try and start making money online.

Business Model of

In there are two types of people. One is known as freelancer who is looking to provide service within his expertise and get paid. On the other hand, there are people known as employers who are looking to get their job done and pay for it.

So here, when someone wants to get something done, he would simply create a project on the and post it mentioning the project description along with the project budget and etc.

On the other hand, freelancers would bid on the project mentioning their capacity to fulfill the project requirements including the amount that they need to complete the project with the timeline within which they will deliver the job.

At the end of the day, the Employer who posted the project will select a bid out of the many bids received and will award the project.

Upon the successful completion of the project, the employer will make the payment to the hired freelancer.

This is the common model that is based upon.

How did I start making money online?

My first project started with just $5. So, I signed up on and was bidding as much as I could. Though couple of employers responded to my bids none of them awarded me the project but would offer someone. However, one fine day there was a project posted by a student from United Kingdom related to his education. I just did my bid $5. Yes for $5. Fortunately, he awarded me the project. However, interestingly I knew nothing about the job that he wanted me to do.

However, I didn’t give up. I utilized internet maximum and learnt all I could in order to do it and I was able to deliver it and got paid. It’s not the little money but the feedback or the review that he left started making an impact.

This is how I started my career in To date I have done over 400 projects, worked with over 50 different nationalities and the opportunities it opened me is enormous. Eventually few people wanted me to work for them on a regular basis.

It is been 9 years since I joined and I would like to share that one thing that will definitely help you to make money online without any doubt.

Have you made any money working online?


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