How to Configure Outlook for Office 365 - A Complete Guide

In this guide we walk through easy steps on How to Configure Outlook for Microsoft 365.

With the recent COVID19 pandemic, almost all businesses are migrating to cloud based online platforms for running their business, for internal and external communication, for delivering lectures and so on. Microsoft’s Office 365 (O365) is one of a kind platform used by many to achieve the above purposes. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based subscription service offered by Microsoft as part of its Microsoft Office Product Line. It also includes several business applications such as Exchange Server, MS Teams, SharePoint and so on as a Cloud Based Software as a Service (SaaS).

Below screen illustrates the list of apps that are packaged in Microsoft Office 365

All Apps in Microsoft Office 365
List of Apps Available in Microsoft Office 365

In addition, Outlook is another application as part of Office suite which is primarily used as an email application for sending and receiving emails. It is where you need to know how to configure outlook for Microsoft O365 in your devises so that you don’t miss any important business mails.

In this article, we guide you how to configure outlook for Microsoft O365 in Windows, Android and Apple with the easy walk through.

Configure Outlook in Windows

If you want to configure outlook in windows or any other desktop operating systems, first step you should do is to visit the link

Once you visit the above link you will see the below screen

Step 01 - Sign In
Step 01 – Sign In

Then enter your email id and click next. Once you enter an email id that exists and click next you will move to the next screen as shown below

Step 02 - Enter Password
Step 02 – Enter Password

Then enter the password and click Sign In. Once you enter the valid password and click Sign In, you will move to the next screen as shown below.

Step 03 - Reset Password
Step 03 – Reset Password

Please note that the above screen is the optional one. If your administrator has enforced password reset when you sign in your outlook account the very first time, you are required to reset your password by entering your current password and new password. If not, you will simply see the below screen.

Once you update your password and click Sign In, We are good to go. That’s all you need to do. You will receive the below welcome screen and you are now in the outlook.

Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen

Congratulations! That’s all. You have successfully configured your outlook account and you can login with your updated password and use it for sending and receiving emails.

Configure Outlook in Android

Configuring outlook in android is as simple as few clicks. To configure outlook for O365 in your android device go to the link It will take you to the play store.

If you want to download outlook directly from playstore, open up playstore from your device and search for outlook o365.

From the search results, make sure to select the Microsoft Outlook with the icon as highlighted in the below image.

Screen 00 1

Then you will receive the below screen. From there, click Install.

Configure Outlook in Android Device

Once the installation finished Click Open as in the screen below.

Screen 02

Then you will get the welcome screen as shown below. Click Get StartedScreen 03

Once you do so, you have to add the account as in the screen below. From the screen choose the option skip in order to add your email id.

Screen 04

Then, from the below screen enter your email address and click Continue

Screen 05

Once you click continue, you are now required to enter your password. Enter your password and click Sign in as shown below.

Screen 06

If everything went well, you will get the below screen that account has been added successfully. From the screen click Continue

Screen 07

Once you click continue, you will be prompted with a small tutorial about the new features in outlook as shown below. Simply Click Skip to go to your mailbox

Screen 08

That’s it. Once you do so now you are inside your mailbox. Enjoy sending and receiving emails in real time and keep communication up to date.

Screen 09

Configure Outlook in iOS (Apple Devices)

Configuring outlook in iOS is almost same as configuring it in Androud.

Go to appstore from your iOS device. Search for Microsoft Outlook ( and locate the app as shown below with the same icon.

appstore outlook preview for configuring oulook in iOS

Outlook preview in appstore

Go through the similar process as shown in android and setup outlook for office 365 and enjoy seamless communication in real time and keep yourself up in front line for effective email communication.

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