Future of Artificial Intelligence

The future of Artificial Intelligence is very fascinating and it’s expected to disrupt every aspect of human life. Particularly human-computer or human-device interaction.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence obviously will have multiple abilities which includes problem solving, thinking, decision making, learning and attention that can be corresponded to a human’s brain. This can be done by a computer or machine which has a maximum chance to achieve its goal successfully. Artificial intelligence was founded as an academic discipline in 1955, and in the years since has experienced several waves of optimism, followed by disappointment and the loss of funding which are followed by new approaches, success and renewed funding.

Current state of AI

When comparing to early stages the number of machines involvement in day to day life has been increased in all over the world. The technologies used by the machines are not actually based on artificial intelligence. The current state of the world is still trying to develop a fully artificial intelligence-based machine where the above-mentioned abilities are configured. For an example let’s consider a virtual assistance amazon Alexa which is based on artificial intelligence technology. Alexa was started to develop before 6 years  with the capable of   voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. But Alexa does not have the self-thinking or problem-solving power. Although this device is considered as an artificial intelligence-based device in this current world. Another example is Google home.

There are many devices which are meant to be developed using artificial intelligence like Alexa. These types of devices are still being updated using machine language to implement the system with artificial intelligence.

Future of AI

In future, there are more chances to get many devices with artificial intelligence, where it can be use in our day today life. The world will be full of robotics and machines with full of ruling power in everyone’s life. This is something which is beyond human’s imagination. The robots and devices will influence in every sector of a country. Therefore, human may lose their jobs and addicted to the machinery world. This addiction may create many problems without their knowledge.

According to the artificial intelligence index, the rate of artificial intelligence researched published papers has been increased nearly eight times. This shows the humans are totally having more interest in researching artificial intelligence to implement the system for the future. This rate of researching will be keep increasing day by day, till they get the final answer. Finally, after 10-15 years every home will have an artificial intelligence-based machine in a form of a robot or devices like Alexa.

Many authors and magazines who writes about artificial intelligence have indirectly and directly warned that the life of a human will be ruled by machines. This will react their personal life even more.  For an example, when considering a human with an artificial intelligence device is obviously will face some common problems in his or her personal life. The device will know the full history of the human, it will start to make decisions in someone ‘s personal life. This may become huge problem when the particular person does not want to accept a machine’s decision in his or her life. This kind of impacts will cause many problems in a family and society.

Although there are many advantages through implementing artificial intelligence in the future like, the system will make our jobs easy and quick with accuracy. The machine will get to know our duty through learning our history and will make the sense.

The artificial intelligence robots will become thousand times smarter in thinking, decision making, problem solving and etc. According to this most of the humans will lose their jobs and, in a point, this will lead the government to pay unemployed citizens a universal basic income, freeing them to pursue their dreams unburdened by the need to earn a living.

Not only in humans’ life but also the possibility of change in nature may occur. In 2017 Microsoft has committed with a project based on “artificial intelligence for earth” where this can change the flight climate. Even artificial intelligence will have the ability to reflect the sunlight from the oceans by sending massive swarms. This will impact the earth.

The future of artificial intelligence in a big threat for the world and also it is a big opportunity too. It depends on the way of handling the artificial intelligence devices. In 2017, Russian president Vladimir Putin told school children that “whoever becomes the leader in this sphere [artificial intelligence] will become the ruler of the world.” He then tossed his head back and laughed maniacally. This is exactly what the world is going to be. So, people need to learn programming as a new language. This has to be done as soon as possible because artificial intelligence is developing too fast. In future if a person does not know about coding, the life will turn into more difficulties.

The resistance of artificial intelligence will be high. In countries like chine do not trust machines for their jobs. So, they will not accept the artificial intelligence system even though the systems are highly engaged with artificial intelligence.

Through this artificial intelligence systems, the life of a human will be always monitored and find out for the diseases by 24/7 like a medical assistance. This can be a big advantage to prevent a human from diseases like heart attack, stroke. This system will monitor the human’s immune system, rate of proteins and much more.

Finally, as a conclusion of this topic I would like to share that artificial intelligence has many benefits as well as many disadvantages too which always depends on the way of handling the system. But after many researches the artificial intelligence is growing in high rate which shows us the world is going to be a “Machinery World”.


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