Completely Free Best domain name generators in 2021

35 Completely Free Best domain name generators in 2021

In this post, we have put a lot of effort to provide our readers with the 35 completely free best domain name generators to make sure you find a perfect domain name for your business, start-up, or any other purpose.

In the Internet, a domain name (Also known as website name) is the gateway to the world of your business. Having a catchy, attractive memorable domain name is the first step in the ladder of success.

In the world of internet-based business, a domain name is seen as virtual real estate. So, the location of your business is very important, and it gives a very good impression to your potential customers. So does the domain name to your visitors.

However, it is very difficult and competitive to find a good domain name for your purpose because they are being very cheap and people who are aware of the value of a good domain name heavily invest in them.

Domain buying and selling is alone a lucrative internet-based business where people make several thousands of dollars.

Don’t lose hope.

Before you start diving in, below are some of the suggestions for you to consider when choosing a domain name or business name

Good characteristics of a domain name

  • Meaningful words are better, but they difficult to get
  • It is simple and memorable
  • Differentiates from competitors
  • Serves as a foundation for brand building
  • It links to a core principle or a core idea
  • Clearly defines the business

Bad characteristics

  • Difficult to spell or pronounce
  • Generic or doesn’t stand out
  • Similar to competitors’ names
  • Too long for handling (banner, logo and etc)
  • Short term ones
  • Limits the scope of your business and expansion

So, follow the below 5 steps to come up with the best catchy domain name in no time

Steps to find a catchy domain that stands out from others

  1. List keywords and phrases related to your purpose. Research how does your competitors do and have already
  2. Create a long list of domain name ideas
  3. Avoid names, trademarks already in use. It is also better to avoid if you are not sure whether you can have the particular domain name
  4. Think how you are going to brand your domain name
  5. Check the availability of social media accounts or pages related to your desired name

Keeping these as a criterion, Let’s jump in.

Below, we have put a lot of effort to review the internet and presented you with quick and short domain name generators through which you can generate a catchy domain name effortlessly.

in this massive list of free domain name suggestion tools, each of them has similar features as well as differences.

Therefore, it is worth exploring each tool and pick the best website name generator that works for you.

35 Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

01. Lean Domain Search

Learn Domain Search
Lean Domain Search Interface

As the name suggests, the lean domain search is very straightforward. Visit the website and just type the word. It will suggest thousands of available domains in no time.

lean domain search is one of the best domain name suggestion tools available at present due to its straightforward approach and makes it easy even for newbies to handle.

It provides the filtering feature to filter by Popularity, Length, Alphabetical and Search term filter

02. Bust A Name

Bust A Name
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 35

Bust a Name, domain name generator

This domain name generator is a handy tool for someone who wants to play smartly to find a great domain name with some effort hoping a good outcome.

This tool supports most of the top level domains like .com, .net, .org, .info

It also has filter options to use different combinations of patterns and criteria to generate domain names.

03. Name Stall Domain & Website Name Generator

Domain Stall
Name stall domain suggestion tool

Name stall is unique in its combination of features. It provides some of the best-prebuilt word clouds which you can use to filter and explore. It supports a massive list of top-level domains. It also supports prefix and postfix with other features of any domain name suggestion tool.

04. Name Cheap

Name Cheap
Name cheap domain search tool

Name cheap is one of the very popular websites when it comes to domain and hosting. It is very interesting to note that this platform gives you the ability to search about 5000 domain names or keywords to search at a time. You can simply populate the list of domains in a word processing software and simply search it.

It supports nearly 500 different types of top-level domains.

05. Name Ideas Generator

Name Ideas Generator
Name Ideas Generator tool

This is just another domain name idea generation tool. You can search domains alphabetically. It also has some unique features where based on your given keyword, it looks at leading search engines to generate related keywords and then looks for domain names that best suit to your given keyword.

It is definitely worth giving a try at this domain name generator.

06. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Domain Name Search Tool
GoDaddy domain name search tool

GoDaddy is a go-to name when you talk about website or web hosting. GoDaddy provides a simple interface to type your desired domain name to lookup. Then it looks up and makes the suggestion in case of the domain is taken or not. Visit here to search bulk domain. You are allowed to search up to 500 domains at a time.

07. Instant Domain Search domain generator

Instant Domain Search name suggestion tool
Instant Domain Search Tool

This tool is incredibly fast and works an AJAX. As you type a minimum of 2 characters, the engine starts to return the results. It shows both the available and unavailable domain names. If it’s not available, you can also check the current registrants of the domain.

08. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 36

Domain Wheel is one of the modern domain name generators available in the market which works with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology enabling it to populate related domain names in a semantic and creative manner.

09. Shopify Domain Name Generator

Shopify Domain Suggestion Tool
Shopify domain name generator tool

Shopify is a familiar name among the people who are willing to build eCommerce websites. Shopify provides an easy option to build your eCommerce business in a manner that you do the business we care the store.

Yet, in order to provide the business owners an option to search the domains, Shopify provides the domain name generation tool. You can just type your preferred domain name. It will look at and present you the status of the domain with the combination of other top-level domains along with the domain annual cost.

10. Name Boy

Name Boy Domain Name Suggestion Tool
Name Boy Domain Name Generator

Name Boy is another domain name search tool. It checks the availability of the existence of the domain and lists related domains with the details of whether they are available or nonavailable. Once the domain is available it directs to Bluehost to register the domain

11. PanaBee

PanaBee Domain name search too
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 37

Panabee is another nice domain name search tool with a pleasing user interface. It is powered by AI. It extends its domain name lookup to app names, website names, and business names. You have to type at least 2 words to get the results. The results page provides excellent features to filter the results. It is one of the coolest and recommended out of this huge list of best domain name generators.

12. Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant
Blog Tyrant Domain Name Generator

Blog Tyrant is another domain name generator with a catchy red user interface. It suggests some of the good combinations of domain names related to the entered keyword. Give it a try.

13. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 38

Business Name Generator is packed with some other name generators such as domain name generators. It has a great list of name generators. That it’s simple, the results page provides awesome filter options. It is one of the good domain name generators you can use to find a good domain name. Since it has other name generators as well, the algorithm and design would support other requirements as well. Because of it, this becomes one of the best domain name generators out in 2021.

14. Zyro

Zyro domain name generator
Zyro domain name generator

Like Business Name Generator, Zyro is another powerful domain name generator that is coupled with some other name generators such as slogan generator, business name generator and interestingly blog title generator. Visit and put your name.

15. Web Hosting Geeks

Web Hosting Geeks
Web Hosting Geeks

Web Hosting Geeks is another domain name generator that supports leading top-level domain search along with you can choose the appearance of the keyword. And also you can set the character limits to suggest domain names within the specified character limitation.

16. IS IT WP

Is it WP free domain name generator

IS IT WP is another great domain name generator that auto-generated hundreds of related name suggestions to pick from. It is powered by the domain name suggestion tool nameboy as we have listed already in this best domain name generators.

17. Domain

Domain, name suggestion tool

Domain is one of the oldest domain name suggestion tools that exist to date. Like other tools, it looks and provides the list of suggestions for you to pick from. Domain is linked with a domain registrar. Upon you find a domain, in the site itself you can register your domain.

18. Network Solutions

Network Solutions
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 39

19. Name Station

Name Station
Name Station domain name search tool

Name Station is another great tool for generating domain names. It requires you to sign up once you hit the generate names. Once you sign up you will be able to generate domain names up to 1000.

20. DomainR

DomainR Domain name Suggestion Tool

DomainR is yet another tool available on the internet for you to search the domain. It is AJAX powered. You can see the available domain names as you start typing any character in the search box.

21. Host Papa

Host Papa
Host Papa Domain Name Suggestion Tool

Host Papa is one of the domain registrars and hosting providers. Their easy-to-use interface allows you to search your desired domain name and choose the top-level domain type so that it will search and suggest you the domain names available for you to register.

22. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler
Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler is another interesting tool to search for domains. You can simply type the keyword and hit enter. It does the search with a good list of top-level domains and shows the available and non-available domains in one click.

23. Domains Bot

Domains Bot
Domains Bot

Domains Bot is yet another great tool to search domain names. It supports several top-level domains. It also supports other languages as well if you are searching a domain name generator that works for any other language than English.

24. I Want My Name

I want my name 1
I Want My Name domain suggestion tool

I Want My Domain is another tool that checks and lets you know the status of your domain. You can also exclude the unavailable domain.

25. Name Checkr

Name Checkr
Name Checkr Domain name generator

Name checkr is a great tool. It is quite different from other domain name suggestion tools. In addition to checking the domain availability, it also checks most of the social media networks and lets you know whether the name is already taken or is it available for you to register with social media accounts as well.

It is good if you want to content market your blog.

26. Software Findr

Software Findr
Software FindR

Software Findr is powered with AI. In addition to the common functionalities, it also suggests an ample list of similar domain names for you to pick one from.

27. Brand NIC

Brand NIC

Brand NIC is an interesting name suggestion tool, it suggests the existing list of brands or domains with the value and hints that how you can monetize it.

28. Suggest Me Domain

Suggest Me Domain
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 40

Suggest Me Domain is one of the best domain name generators to search and suggest you a great list of nice domain names related to your keyword. It also has above 3500 vocabularies to generate from.

29. Name Mesh

Name Mesh site is currently not reachable at the time of writing this article. Once it’s available, we will update it.

30. Domain Typer

Domain Typer
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 41

You will really love the way how Domain Typer works. It is very quick and it has diverse range of selections and top-level domains to filter and pick the suitable one.

31. Domain Name Soup

Domain Name Soup
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 42

Domain Name Soup is a great tool if you want to actually research domain names and find the best domain names. It has a lot of nice features. It is worth giving a try.

32. Domain Hole

Domain Hole
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 43

Domain Hole is yet another great tool. It has a generous list of filters which will be ideal if you know what you are doing. It also has tools in view of search engine optimization factors such as domain authority, page authority, backlinks, and so on when you buy expired or registered domains.

33. Wordoid

35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 44

Wordoid is a powerful tool, the wordoid name generator helps you with naming your product, company, domain, and more. It creates pronounceable and brandable made-up names. Give it a try to make your domain name stand out.

34. Bat Name

Bat Name
35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 45

Bat Name is another domain name suggestion tool. It works by mashing several terms and produces domain names.

35. Dotomator

35 Free Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 46

Dotomator is another best domain name generator that has a lot of features. Though the interface is quite complex, if you know what you are doing, it worth trying it as it has a lot of filters and possibilities to customize your search.

Once you find a good domain name what to do next? Now you have to find the cheap and best web hosting to host your website.

Check out these cheap and best web hosting providers to choose the one that is ideal for your requirements.




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