CV writing Tips - 4 Tips to

CV Writing Tips – 4 Tips To Help You Attract Any Job

CV writing can be a very daunting task, particularly if you have not done one for some time! Whether you are starting from scratch or making slight changes to your existing CV, the following CV Writing Tips should make sure that you stand out above the crowd and make an impression to the employer.

We are talking about getting your foot in the door, being noticed and getting that phone call for an interview!

Take heed and follow these tips:

A CV is essentially a marketing tool. It is a tool for recruiters to “get to know” you. So, what do you have to do to help them get to know you? Read on…

#1 Practice Writing and Proof Read

Your skills are the most important aspect of any CV, regardless of how good your resume is. To make your CV stand out and “grab” the recruiters’ attention, you need to have exceptional cv writing skills. There are a few ways to boost your writing abilities, but nothing will show your recruiters and employers as much about your cv as your abilities to write it. One of the easiest ways to write a good CV is to follow the “habit” of writing a good CV – write it in your own voice. If you are not naturally good at doing so, then try having someone to proofread your cv. Ensure that the grammatical and punctuation errors are correct.

#2 List your Part Experience chronologically

Another great way of boosting your cv writing skills is to list your past job titles and responsibilities. Recruiters like to see this because they want to know what your current role is and how much responsibility you are able to handle. It shows that you are qualified for the position and can do the work, allowing recruiters to see that you are a viable candidate for the position. This is one of the best CV writing skills tips for people with gaps in work history.

#3 Customize your CV for the position

This is one of the more important aspects of how to write a good cv. By providing contact details and maybe even a job interview statement, recruiters can assess if you would be a good fit for the job. If the position is advertised in your absence, it is even more important that you contact the potential employer and let them know that you have CVs available. Many job positions advertise for months, sometimes a year or more! Don’t let the silence affect you!

Another good CV writing tip is to ensure that your CV lists every job and contact in chronological order. This allows employers to quickly determine which CV is most appropriate for the opening. This also gives them a clearer idea of what they are getting when they view your CV. Many CVs are sent straight back to the HR department. Although this means that your CV will return to the same department, it was sent to initially, if it contains gaps in your employment history it could be passed over.

#4 Keep it Logically Meaningful

When writing your CV, be sure to keep a calm and logical tone. Using words such as ‘hypothetically’ and ‘on no account’ are highly negative and should be avoided. Try and keep your resume concise yet informing. Some people believe that the layout of their CV is largely responsible for the outcome of the interview process, however this isn’t necessarily true; there are many other contributing factors.

These are just a few of the many excellent CV writing tips available on the internet. There are also plenty of books and courses available that give excellent cv writing tips and advice for people wanting to make the best impression on an employer. If you want to land that role, using these tips can help you stand out from the crowd. So whether you’re looking to change your career or looking to increase your current employability, these CV writing tips will put you on the way to success.



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