Cheap and Best Hosting For WordPress in 2021

What is the Best Hosting For WordPress

If you are running a business online and are looking for a reliable, inexpensive option to host your website, then look no further than the best hosting for WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms available. WordPress is not only used as a content management system for websites, but it can also be used as a platform to develop powerful marketing campaigns.

Why should you use wordpress

As of late Jan 2021, WordPress powering over 75 million sites and is currently considered the most preferred and popular CMS. WordPress is clearly superior to other forms of CMS, especially when it comes to site creation and management. WordPress is the world’s most popular free blogging platform and has a user community that supports it wholeheartedly.

WordPress happens to be one of the easiest ways to publish content online. Unlike traditional HTML, there’s very little coding required on the front-end. WordPress websites are highly functional, flexible, and easy to maintain. WordPress websites are generally supported by their own plugins platform.

What are the recommended wordpress hosting providers?

Therefore it’s a good idea to host your website using a quality hosting solution. Let’s see some of the market leaders in providing best wordpress hosting services to millions of businesses around the world.


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Cloudways is a WordPress host that offers hosting with a custom, per-need basis. Cloudways offers users a number of options including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, MySQL database and more. Cloudways is based on a pay-as-you-go model. When you sign up for a Cloudways account you will receive a username and password. These same credentials are used for all Cloudways servers. This makes it easier for small businesses and individuals to manage their WordPress blogs.

Cloudways is among the few providers that provide a good balance between high performance and affordable web hosting, while providing a responsive user experience. They boast an extensive range of add-ons and functions that can help your website be better organized, while still allowing it to scale with the needs of your business. Cloudways offers free, onsite analytics to monitor traffic and web conversion times to give you the insight you need to improve the efficiency of your websites. Cloudways promises fast, efficient website management with no more WordPress server headaches and unlimited, onsite bandwidth.

Cloudways is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a highly scalable and flexible managed hosting solution. With an intuitive interface and a powerful feature set, they offer a simple, streamlined approach to building dynamic online portals while offering advanced features like SEO and photo hosting through third-party integrators. If you’re looking for a good value for money in an environment that strives to continuously evolve, then Cloudways Hosting could be a perfect fit for you. Their intuitive dashboard design makes it easy for you to manage your blog(s) from anywhere, while their comprehensive feature set ensures that you get the most out of their managed hosting services.


You can get started with WordPress very easily by going with Bluehost, one of the leading WordPress hosts. At bluehost, you get started with their simple installation wizard that takes just minutes to complete. Once you have joined the WordPress community at bluehost, you can build your own professional and attractive website, with the help of the WordPress Blogger Widget Engine.

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Bluehost Hosting

You can get started with WordPress very easily by going with Bluehost, one of the leading WordPress hosts. At bluehost, you get started with their simple installation wizard that takes just minutes to complete. Once you have joined the WordPress community at bluehost, you can build your own professional and attractive website, with the help of the WordPress Blogger Widget Engine.

There are several different types of hosting options that you can choose from, including

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Dedicated hosting and others.

While most hosting companies offer various types of hosting solutions, only a few provide complete solutions for WordPress websites. Therefore before you choose your hosting provider, you should first determine what type of WordPress server and plugin solution you need.

Shared web hosting providers offer numerous benefits to users. These include unlimited bandwidth and disk space, set up within minutes and a free domain name.

However, there are some disadvantages to using these types of services. Namely, when a large website grows, it can take up all available resources such as IP address and bandwidth. Moreover, users do not enjoy administrative control over the entire server and face difficulty in changing or updating information.

Reseller hosting plans offer users a cost-efficient and hassle-free way to host their websites. They offer a monthly fee as well as a discount on upgrades. In addition to a monthly fee, users get good uptime. For most companies, the cost of hosting a website is prohibitive, particularly when it comes to long-term requirements. Therefore, in order to save costs and increase profits, many companies opt for reseller hosting plan. It is imperative that you opt for the right hosting plan according to your business needs so that you can enjoy good uptime.


Some of the best hosting plans include Siteground, pricing starts at just $3.95 per month. This is a popular web hosting provider that hosts many free e-commerce sites.

SiteGround - Wikipedia

The best feature about this provider is that they allow unlimited domains which means that your site can have unlimited number of sub-domains. This helps in increasing the ranking and visibility of your website, making it easy to seek attention of potential customers.

Wix Hosting

You can also opt for Wix Hosting. A unique service offered by Wix Hosting is that it offers unlimited SSL certificates. It also has an attractive bundle of features such as a WordPress blog engine, a search engine friendly interface, and a variety of themes and plugins.

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On top of that, Wix Hosting also allows users to install a variety of other third-party add-ons which further increases the user-friendliness of the website. With Wix Hosting, you also get a user-friendly administration panel that makes it easy to manage your website.


If you need a robust and complete hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and disk space to support your online business, then HostGator is the best choice for you. HostGator offers several different plans to fit all your hosting needs. Choose from the below-mentioned plans to find the right hosting plan for you.

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HostGator offers excellent control over your WordPress installation including WordPress Fantastico and a plethora of ssl certificates from trusted providers. One of the great advantages of using HostGator as your host is that they offer a very affordable monthly fee that will support most beginners’ needs. They are the only provider that I have found that offers both WordPress Fantastico and a ssl certificates from Verisign, Netscape and GoDaddy


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Kinsta currently offers WordPress hosting at a very competitive rate, making it the best host for WordPress. The primary reason for this is that Kinsta offers excellent technical support and is rated as the best host by most pro WordPress bloggers.


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My favorite VPS Hosting provider is Hostinger. If you’re looking for the best hosting for WordPress out there today, Hostinger has a lot to offer you.

They are highly rated hosting platforms that provide you with excellent control over your virtual server and the flexibility to customize it, without requiring any technical knowledge. In addition to offering high quality service, Hostinger also offers a free website builder. With so many great features, it’s no wonder that Hostinger is one of the top-rated hosting platforms today.


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