5 tips on how to make money in freelancer.com

5 tips to make money online in freelancer.com is an outcome of my experience in freelancer.com. How did I make $50000 in freelancer.com without knowing much is a question I always ask myself.

Internet offers several business models that can pay you really well. Freelancing is such a verified way of making money at the comfort of staying at your home. In this freelancing platforms, employers post projects and freelancers like you and me do the project and get paid.

However, today people complain that it is very difficult to get projects online. May be true. Because, everyone is looking for some work. However, there are plenty of opportunities available online that can pay you well and help you enjoy your freedom.

Freelancer.com is one of the leading freelancing sites that has helped me to earn more than $50000 in the last several years. In my previous post I show you how did i make $50000 using freelancer.com

What is difficult in platform like freelancer.com is that if you join newly you have no any reviews. But, people always look for reviews to award you the project.

In this post., I am going to tell you these 7 tips to make money online in Freelancer.com from my last 9 years of experience that is more than 400 projects. Below is the list of tips that you can apply to earn money in freelancer.com

5 Tips to make money online

No. 01: Furnish your profile professionally

Your profile is the place the employers look to know more about you. Therefore, take sometime to visit the profiles of accomplished users there and customize your profile as to reflect your skills and area of your expertise. If you have previous experience, add those works as portfolio in your profile. It will portray that you are just new to freelancer but not to the business.

Sample Profile on Freelancer.com
Sample Profile on Freelancer.com

No. 02: Focus on Getting Reviews

When you successfully complete a project in Freelancer, employers leave review or feedback regarding your work. It is obvious that employers who post projects look for the reviews of any potential freelancer prior to award the project. If you have reviews, the chances are much higher that the project is be awarded to you. You have just joined and try your level best to receive few reviews. Remember, first job is the difficult one. Therefore, at the beginning try to focus on getting couple of reviews rather focusing on money.

No. 03: How you bid on project matters

Many freelancers even the experienced ones bid projects with a generic message no matter what the project is about. Please don’t do that. Read the project description couple of times to clearly understand the requirements.

Then, try to write your bid accordingly. Here are the key points that you can include in your bid in order to get the attention the your employer.

No. 04: Good time for bidding

In general, most of the employers who post project on freelancer.com are from Europe countries or america (developed countries). It is really cost beneficial for them to use outsourcing platform like freelancer.com than hiring people locally which will cost in multiple times.

On the other hand, most of the freelancers are from developing countries like india, pakistan, sri lanka, bangladesh and so on. The time difference between these two segment of countries is nearly 8 to 12 hours. In my experience of working in freelancer.com for the last several years, here is what I have observed. Those who post the project, post it in the morning and wait until evening or night to receive the bids and award the project to any potential freelancer. Which means if you are from south asian countries, it is likely that the project is awarded in the morning hours. Therefore, bid during morning hours. If you are from europe countries during evening or night hours is suitable for bidding.

last but not the least of 5 tips to make money online in freelancer.com is

No. 05: Ask your clients to post project on freelancer.com

This is my favourite tip and recommended one out of all the 5 tips on how to make money. What the point here is that if you do projects locally, ask few of your clients to post the project in freelancer.com and award the project to you through the platform. This is the quickest way you can use to get couple of reviews. I have observed these practices among few new comers in freelancer.com

They just join but awarded projects in few days and receive couple of reviews. Now, they are ready to get projects from others and start making money.

Don’t try to cheat but if you have skills and you want to give a try at freelancer.com, you can follow this.

Good Luck!


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