5 key things you should include in your bid online

When you work any freelancing platform like Freelancer.com, odesk.com or anything else, it is very important to keep note on how you bid on projects. In this article, I share 5 key things you should include in your bid online

Because, in real time several people bid on projects. Some skilled people have gone to the next level that they have built automated tools to access the API of these platforms and automate the bidding process.

Despite, if you want to make a lasting impact on your bid and win the project, following are the 5 key things that you should include in your bid.

5 Key things you should include in your bid

below are the key things you should include in your bid that attracts the potential employer. I have used these tips and won over 400 projects in freelancer.com and made over $50000

1. Relate yourself with the employer

For instance, if the employer is from Country A, Just greet the employer and say I am glad to find you are from A. I have already worked with several people from A. Think and find a point and use it to relate you with the employer.

2. Ask a Question

Read the project description couple of times and make sure you understand as much as possible. From what you have understood, take note of one key that that you can ask for clarification from the employer. It will prompt the user to respond you. Please note that in freelancer.com, until the employer starts the conversation, freelancers can’t communicate with the employer. So asking a question to the employer will increase the change of getting a response form the employer.

3. Mention your past experience

Mention your past experience. Don’t include the long list. Pick few projects that are closely related to the current project that you are bidding and mention them as your past projects with a nice summary.

4. Discuss about project budget

You have to mention how much you need to complete the project. Mention a competitive budget and always mention you are flexible with the budget after discussion. It will increase the change of the employer for negotiating the budget. If the amount that you have mentioned is reasonable, justify it to the employer.

5. Recommendation

It is a value edition in your bid. If you have alternative solution that you can suggest to the employer, do mention it. They really like it.

Hope you can write a winning bid next time.


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