3 Popular Javascript Frameworks to Use

3 Popular javascript Frameworks to Use

A JavaScript framework is a group of pre-written JavaScript codes which enables for easier creation of JavaScript-based programs, especially for Ajax and other web-oriented technologies. The standardization of JavaScript makes it easier for programmers to write programs for the web, without having to understand the inner workings of a programming language. Since JavaScript is a fairly new type of scripting language, its capabilities are still relatively immature. That being said, there are many examples of advanced JavaScript frameworks available today. Most of these examples are used for enterprise-level solutions.

Angular JS Framework

One of the most common examples of a javascript framework used today is Angular. Angular is an extremely popular framework. It was initially developed as an open-source project at Google, but it soon developed its own community and product. Angular provides a “flat” design structure with very few constraints, allowing you to construct very attractive and highly functional applications. In addition to its basic functionality advantages, developers love the flexibility provided by Angular.

React JS Framework

If you are a new developer, and just want to start developing simple web applications, then React is an excellent javascript framework to start with. It is easy to learn and provides a huge collection of high-quality tools and components for you to build your web application. If you have experience with CSS and HTML, you will find that there is very little difference between React and other popular javascript frameworks. However, if you do not have these skills, then you can choose to hire a professional to do the styling and building of your React application. The price for this service is usually on the higher side.

3 Popular Javascript Frameworks
3 Popular JS Frameworks

These are three of the popular javascript frameworks that you can use when you are starting out in web development. Each one of these provides a different level of flexibility and power, making them great choices for a variety of purposes. If you want to begin developing web applications quickly, and start seeing results quickly, you should definitely consider one or more of these javascript frameworks. They can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to develop your web application and teach you the basics of javascript so that you can begin applying it to different projects once you have begun developing your own web applications.

JQuery JS Framework

jQuery is another popular javascript framework that is used for web development. As the name suggests, jQuery provides a rapid collection of tools and plugins which allow you to perform complex tasks quickly and effortlessly. It is written in JavaScript and has a very intuitive user interface. Some of the examples of how to use jQuery include a form tool, a grid system, a jQuery plugin for navigating a site, and a built-in search engine.


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