11 Tips on How to learn programming language faster

How to learn programming language faster is a common question that need immediate answer to any technology student. Particularly for someone who start to learn programming freshly.

Interestingly, being able to do programming is one of the essential skills for the 21st century. Due to the technological advancement such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Internet of Things and etc, every aspect of human life at some point is disrupted by these emerging technologies. Things becoming smart and are programmable. Therefore, it is essential to know how to code and here we list the most important 11 tips mentioned by those experienced learning how to program.

It is just okay to ask the question how to learn programming. Questing is the beginning of learning.

Here are the 11 tips on how to learn programming language faster, easier and in the correct way

Learning to Program is a lifelong process

First things first. Programming is a lifelong learning experience. It takes time to master the skill and it is emerging day to day. Therefore, if you want to start learning programming it is important to keep in your mind that it takes time for you to learn programming. Never quite after couple of days. It takes time until you figure out the best way that works for you to learn programming.

Programming is a skill that is acquired by doing and not by other means

Learn to program is like learn to swim. You have to get in to the water. You are not going to swim watching youtube how to swim and imagining the moments. Therefore, out of all these 11 tips on how to learn programming, if you want to follow only one tip, take this. This is the one single way of learning programming. Start doing at any point that makes sense.

Learn the Basics

It is normal to have the tendency to start programming some big things. No. Take enough time to learn the basics and build a solid foundation with the core concepts of programming. As you are aware that programming languages unlike spoken languages have lot similarities. Therefore, learning the basics of one programming language will help you switch other programming languages easily.

Code by hand

This is another interesting point to note that try to write codes in a piece of paper when you start learning how to program. If you start using IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) you will not grasp the fundamentals of the language. Because, IDEs are to speed up the development process of the programming. Therefore avoid using IDEs at the beginning. Late you can eventually move to IDEs that will make you more sense of what you are doing and what does IDEs do.

Learn to code

Ask for Help

Feel free to ask for help if you need it. Find some people whom you can turn to when you need any help in learning. It is okay to ask help and build relationship with such people who can assist you in learning how to program.

Use internet resources abundantly

Interest is so rich. It is far beyond if you mean technology related contents. You can use plenty of resources to learn and master any programming languages without formally having any programming subjects. I would suggest starting from w3schools.com it is an ideal place to start learning programming and it is designed in a way that is beginners friendly

Use sample codes

There are several places you can find sample codes and sample applications. Instead of copying and pasting, try to modify the codes as to fit your purpose or think how you can reuse the code for another purpose.

Avoid distractions

The good and bad are same for internet. It is so rich and entertaining. Unless you are focused you will end up in youtube or social media. Therefore, keep all the resources required ready and try to avoid internet while learning programming unless you have something that needs help from programming communities online.

Relate programming with which you are already familiar.

For instance, if you a gamer, ask the question how can I create one. If you are working, think about your industry and what kind of software you can build to ease your job and so on.

Create the environment

Environment is very important to learn anything. How long it would take you to learn programming and feel comfortable depends on how good your environment is to learn programming. Join programming communities online. Download few programming tutorial apps on your mobile and use it in your spare time. Join social media groups and pages which focuses on programming languages.

Build your portfolio

Project portfolio are the previous works. If you start to learn programming, keep it professional. Though you do nothing at the beginning, keep it professional such that allocate a separate folder and keep all your works in an orderly manner for easy reference and future use.

What else you would suggest including in the list of tips on how to learn programming language faster that worked for you?

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